Video editing classes in Brisbane.

Learn how to use Adobe Premiere Pro to create stunning videos. Our 3-hour group video editing class is perfect for beginners and is held each month at our office in West End, Brisbane.

COVID-19 Update

We are continuing to offer all of our videography filming and editing classes with the correct social distancing measures in-place.

Create your own videos!

Our beginners video editing classes in Brisbane will teach you how to edit your own videos using Adobe Premiere Pro. You'll learn the best editing workflow to cut together your footage with music, titles and effects.

You'll be able to effectively choose shots, polish your audio and add colour to your video before exporting in the best settings ready to share online.

Our editing classes are a maximum of 4 people and are held each at our office in West End, Brisbane.

Bring your laptop to work with! Download your 7-day free trial of Adobe Premiere Pro before the day here.

Next Date: TBC


Cost: $110 per person

What you'll learn;

  • How to set-up your project

  • How to import your footage

  • Trimming and cutting shots together to create a story

  • Choosing music (and where to find it!)

  • Transitions and effects

  • Cutting and polishing audio

  • Adding titles and graphics

  • Colour correction and colour grading

  • Keyboard shortcuts to speed-up your workflow

  • Exporting in the best quality ready to share online