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About Us

We provide in-person filming & editing training to organisations in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Our 1-day course is delivered at
1-1 at your workplace, or to your small group, and is 100% tailored to the types of videos you want to make.

Rather than a generic group class or a multi-week course, we offer the quickest and most effective way to get started making high-quality videos.

Since 2019, we've taught hundreds of organisations how to make their own videos; a crucial
 investment for the future.



We teach you how to:

  • Create your own high-quality videos for your business or organisation.

  • Learn filming & editing skills in just 1 day

  • Know exactly what equipment to buy for your budget.

  • Film high-quality footage with your DSLR or smartphone.

  • Edit videos effectively using Adobe Premiere Pro or Filmora.

  • Use microphones and lights to make your videos look professional.

  • Learn exactly how to make the videos you want.

  • Save money rather than hiring videographers.

About Xavier

Xavier is a senior-school film & TV teacher and professional videographer. He is the founder of InFocus and our Sydney trainer.


In his 8 years of filmmaking, Xavier has made documentaries, travel films, music videos and marketing videos for brands such as The University of Queensland, Lorna Jane and Queensland University of Technology.