Scott Mullins

Brand Manager | Leukaemia Foundation

Xavier came in and delivered an informative, interactive and no-fuss workshop for the Leukaemia Foundation's brand and marketing team. He's great to work with and I had very positive feedback from colleagues. The skills, tips and tricks he's passed on are proving to be invaluable to us.

Belinda Lord

Communities & Communications – RioTinto (QAL)

Our teacher, Xavier, was patient and provided really useful, clear and specific tips to our technology/needs throughout the entire process. The content we covered was exactly what we needed to skill up. I was really impressed with Xavier's analysis of our company's guidelines around videos and using this to inform our training. Over the day, we focussed on techniques and editing processes aligned with these guidelines to ensure our skills matched our requirements. Xavier also provided take home guides and recommendations for equipment to boost our video capability.

Margot Parkinson

Educational Designer | Goodstart Institute

As an Educational Designer with a focus on providing high quality professional learning to adult learners, I was suitably impressed by Xavier's workshop content and delivery style. Good professional learning should be relatable, collaborative and future focused - Xavier delivered on this with a session that was well planned and tailored to our specific needs of wanting to have the skills to easily develop short, sharp videos of a consistent standard. The session was hands on, well paced and flowed well. Xavier was very personable and knew his content well. Thanks for a fun day Xavier!

Sophie Thatcher

Relationship & Events Coordinator – Maurice Blackburn

I would definitely recommend InFocus for corporate video workshops. Xavier and his team were friendly, professional and patient and really helped us to understand the entire filming and editing process. The content was tailored to suit our specific business needs and our new skills will be very beneficial for future projects. Thank you Xavier!

Darren Curtis

9 News | Social Media Director – Queensland Police Union

Xavier was very approachable and very knowledgeable. He answered every question I had and not only demonstrated how to complete the task, but also ensured I attempted it myself. The follow up notes were tailored to the questions I asked on the day... I will treasure these as I continue my editing. This was a spot on course deriving the exact needs I had, not a one size fits all approach.

Rebecca Watson

Public Health Nutritionist | Health and Wellbeing QLD

I highly recommend the workplace filming and editing training course. It was incredibly practical and highly tailored to our workplace's needs. I came to the workshop with no real experience in videography and by the end of the day my colleagues and I had filmed and edited a great short video. We know what equipment we need (and don't need!), how to approach video projects with a clear plan, and how to bring that plan to fruition. I've gone from daunted to confident in the space of a day and that's thanks to Xavier's fantastic training course.

Dwane Frohloff

Owner | Appetite 4 The Wild

Taking this training with Xavier is one of those things in life I should of done years ago. What I learnt on this course has placed my video editing skills years in front of where I would have been. Xavier has an easy to follow training structure that helps it all fall into place. I was very impressed with what we got through and would totally recommend the workshop.

Jharal Yow Yeh

Brisbane Broncos

My time spent with Xavier was awesome, not only kind and very easy to talk to but I covered everything that was needed. I'm a very visual person and Xavier made sure every instruction that was given was in a way that was easy for me to learn. In all I would highly recommend Xavier to anyone wanting to learn more about video and shooting pictures.

Sally Brady

Senior Public Relations Officer | Queensland Health

We used Xavier for video training so our staff can produce high quality corporate and social media videos. His course is excellent value for money, and our team said they learnt more about video production in one day then they have over their communication careers.

Shae Giles

Photographer | Shae Style Photography

I have been in the photographic industry for over 20 years and met many unorganised creatives however was very, very impressed with Xavier at InFocus. The style in which he teaches one on one is so easy to follow and understand and everything is backed up with his own video tutorials for you, it's extremely well organised. I am ready to get out filming after a one day workshop - best investment! Thank you Xavier!

Jacki Casey

Social Media Advisor | Inland Rail

Xavier is extremely knowledgeable as well as a patient and skilled teacher. I've been wanting to learn proper filming and how to use Premier Pro for a really long time and was always a bit daunted by it all but I feel genuinely so excited to start putting my new skills to use. Super glad we found Xavier and I couldn't recommend him enough.

Morgan Scrivens

Leasing Agent | Ray White Hervey Bay

I completed a 2 day videography course with Xavier, it was very thorough and made learning easy. I've never done anything related to videography, now I feel like I can go out and do my own videos. Definitely recommend!

Shika Finnemore

Marketing Coordinator | SunPork Fresh Foods

I booked Xavier for the full day training for our Marketing team. He was fantastic! His depth of knowledge and experience was beyond what we could hope for. He left us with the perfect set up and took our film making to professional levels in just a day. When it came to editing, we were left with the best tips and tricks to optimise our work flow. Highly recommend his courses!

Nicolette Maxwell

Communications Assistant | Stoller Australia

Xavier condensed so much valuable information into a one day workshop! As he catered the workshop to what I needed, everything that we covered was highly relevant. The workshop was engaging and Xavier was extremely helpful both during and after the workshop, following up with an email recapping what I'd learned and willing to answer any questions I had. Highly recommend!

Hayley Costa

Managing Director & Editor | Skin Deep Learning

I wanted to learn some videography techniques and editing for my business. We create training resources for RTOs. Xavier was very experienced and came with a wealth of knowledge and applied it in a hands on approach. We learned much more than I thought we would in the 4 hour session. It was so useful, I will arrange for another session when we have practiced what we have learned so far. Would definitely recommend Xavier.

Nicolette Maxwell

Marketing Manager | Caloundra City Autos

I cannot rave enough about Xavier and this course! I felt like I gained years of experience in one day and the best part was, it was completly catered to me, my industry and the business. Xavier was a great teacher, making it easy and fun, he even provided equipment advice to suit my situation. Finally, it was all backed up with cheat sheets and video tutorials to help as I progress. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to take their marketing to the next level. Best course I have done!

Michelle Kenway

YouTuber | Michelle Kenway Physiotherapy

I wanted to learn video editing to help manage my YouTube channel more independently. Xavier assisted in this process by guiding me through each stage step by step making the whole process seem manageable and achievable. I gained so much in the way of knowledge and understanding relevant to my needs. Xavier also has a caring and patient approach to teaching, I never felt rushed or stressed in the process.

Julie Cumming

Director | Hatch Property

I was looking for a way to learn the basics about video editing so I could easily and affordably use video as a means of illustration for clients. The initial course was brilliant, and I learnt much. I am very new to this technology so I scheduled another 2 hour session which consolidated all I learnt the first time, and gave me some deeper understanding. Highly recommend Xavier as a superb technician with a fine eye for detail, and a brilliant, caring and masterful teacher.

Sarah Cumming

Marketing Officer | TotalFusion

I have been wanting to understand different filming and editing techniques for quite a while and I feel that everything I wanted to learn, Xavier was able to teach + more. Couldn't recommend a better teacher for a beginner and would definitely look at doing another session in the future! Thanks Xavier for being patient with me and my Ronin.

Jo Singleton

Program Co-ordinator | Goodstart Institute

Xavier provided an extremely professional service that helped myself and my team gain more confidence in videoing and editing. Thanks to his preparation the course was delivered at exactly the right level enabling us to feel stretched - but not too much out of our depth! Having spoken to him previously he was able to understand what we were looking to get out of the course and therefore worked well for all of us. Thanks Xavier.

Rachel Afflick

Senior Media and Communications Advisor | Health and Wellbeing QLD

My team recently participated in a filming and editing workshop with Xavier in our workplace. I came into the workshop with only limited experience of working with video content creation previously, and couldn’t believe how much I learnt by the end of the day, from scripting all the way through to editing and exporting a polished product. The training was easy to follow, with a focus on hands-on learning, and I walked away with the knowledge and skills to be able to get started right away filming and editing video projects.

Merrin & Troy

Full-Time Travel Family | @tribegonetravelling

We called Xavier just before our family embarked on a full-time travel adventure as we wanted to learn how to create and edit videos of our trip. Xavier tailored the hands-on workshop to our exact needs and made the editing process fun and easy to learn. We walked out feeling confident and excited to start creating our own high-quality videos. We couldn’t have asked for a better teacher.

Kellie Harper

Senior Graphical Officer | Skin Deep Learning

The business I work for is starting to move into educational videos, and a few of us know the basics of Premiere Pro, but we definitely needed tips and direction of our videos. Xavier gave us so many great ideas in the planning and recording of our videos, and then showed us even more in the editing stage, which will allow us to work more efficiently and produce much higher quality videos that we thought we could. Xavier altered the session to our requirements and only spent time on things that we needed to gain an understanding of.

Dr Li Kheng Chai

Research Fellow | Health and Wellbeing QLD

Xavier's workshop is interactive and his teaching is easy to follow. He took time to understand my objectives and then tailored the workshop to suit my needs - from video conceptualisation, shooting to editing. I had zero experience with using Premiere Pro but after the workshop I'm confident to make my own videos with the tips and tricks that I learned from Xavier. I would highly recommend InFocus Video Workshops to anyone interested in video production.

Renata Hjelmström

Marketing Manager | Fenner Dunlop

I always wanted to learn the basics of video and now more than ever knowing how to film and edit is a plus for any Marketing Manager. Xavier was able to teach me in one day how to film and edit a short video. I am a confident "video maker" now! Xavier knows everything about filming and editing, making all the work more enjoyable and easy.

Tai Johnston

Digital Content Coordinator | Style Magazines

Video is something we've been wanting to do for a while now with the ever-changing world of digital marketing. Xavier helped out with a number of things like what video equipment to use tailored to our needs, shooting tips and a huge help with video editing including editing workflow, audio, effects and colour, text/graphics and exporting the video for multiple platforms. These tips will help us include video into our new digital strategy!

Lauren Tilley

Business Development Officer | Department of Housing and Public Works

I use InDesign a lot for content creation and foolishly thought it would be easy to teach myself Premiere Pro. Having someone like Xavier run through the entire process and the skills you learn from experience really sped up my learning. All of it was incredibly valuable, but learning the process step by step means the skills will definitely stick.

Roxanne Graham

Digital and Graphical Assistant | Skin Deep Learning

The entire workshop was extremely valuable, in particular all the lighting and angle techniques we covered with filming. As a person who has worked with Premier Pro already, I wanted to learn more about tips and shortcuts, as well as information from an experienced person to help expand my knowledge. Xavier did all that and more, he was able to provide many tips that will allow me to work a lot more efficiently in the future and taught me more than enough to be able to feel a lot more comfortable and confident working in video editing. He was knowledgeable, full of information and extremely helpful in multiple ways!

Luke Ivanovic

Marketing Manager | Miktysh

What I found most valuable was that the course was tailored to my specific needs. I wanted to learn how to better use Adobe Premiere Pro for the purposes of editing a podcast. Xavier helped me develop the skills to accomplish this by taking me step-by-step through the process. I left with a very valuable understanding of audio editing techniques in Adobe Premiere Pro, as well as video editing techniques and best practices for filming and photography.

Aaron Munro

Owner | Our Epic Australia

I didn’t have the time available to sift through hours and hours of YouTube videos... I wanted to get up and running and start editing with a sufficient knowledge of Davinci Resolve or Adobe that would allow me to put together some reasonable videos that aren’t too amateurish. Following my first lesson with Xavier I have been able to achieve this. I look forward to taking advantage of his experience and knowledge.

Kara Mackrell

Nutritionist | Kara Ivy Nutrition

I attended a half-day workshop with Xavier and learnt some really practical skills to move my personal brand and my business forward. I didn’t realise how simple it can be to get video content looking clean and professionally edited using just an iPhone. The way Xavier teaches the workshop is easy to understand and he offers continual support throughout the process.

Kyle-Lee Young

Founder | Yoga For Stress

Xavier's full-day workshop was excellent and I totally recommend it. My aim was to learn how to take videos from my phone for social media, and for developing online learning. I wanted to be able to edit and produce them myself. The workshop exceeded my expectations. I walked away with new ideas, inspired to start shooting, and with information about the equipment and resources I need to get started. Xavier is a positive person, passionate about his craft, and a patient trainer. Thanks Xavier for a great day.

Heather Knyn

Budding YouTuber/Traveller

Xavier is a wonderful teacher. Being an 'older' client, Xavier was able to impart his knowledge of a complicated software package. By learning this new skill I am looking forward to putting together videos from my iPhone that I can share with family and friends.

Scott Wilkinson

Owner | Valiant Games

I value the personalised and professional insight gained from the InFocus workshop. The content was engaging and informative and Xavier shared additional advice tailored to my company's goals and needs. I began with no experience and left with an array of practical tools and advice to begin my own video production endeavours.

Video course Brisbane. Learn video Brisb

Lauren Ravizzotti

Calligrapher & Artist | Laurens Letters

Xavier thoughtfully tailored the half day workshop to my specific needs. He is a fantastic teacher who helped me understand the different, subtle functions of my camera and brought out my natural creativity in digital form. Xavier was patient in answering all my questions and gave me space to explore videography while providing invaluable tips. I can now happily create and edit content on my own.

Sangeeta Mahajan

Managing Director | International Education and Training Consultants

I thought the editing workshop was excellent. Xavier kept it flowing really well and covered the basic tools. Usually, software workshops can be a bit boring, but Xavier's class was a lot of fun as I could actually practice the skills straightaway at my own pace.

Video course Brisbane. Learn video Brisb

Allira Ashwell

Founder | Lux Lobes

Xavier is a great teacher; he explained and demonstrated the content in a fun and interactive way. His presentation was very powerful and I loved that by the end of the workshop I was confident enough in my skills to produce a video.

Michelle Resuggan

Marketing Officer | Sunnybank State High School

I wanted to learn how to edit video with Premiere Pro to make short promotional videos, Xavier has given me the tools, knowledge and confidence to start. His small classes were very hands on and practical, with a lot of great tips on resources. He was extremely patient and helpful. I would highly recommend his courses to anyone wanting to learn this program and understand its capabilities.

Angela Arkadieff 

Participant | Group Editing Class

Everything about the editing workshop worked so well for me. Small group, relaxing and calm setting at SLQ, and a very well-paced course learning the essentials of using Premier Pro to produce a really professional looking video. It’s amazing what can be achieved in a few hours.  You don’t need to take notes as Xavier supplies you with a comprehensive guide as a reminder for when you try everything at home, as well as encouraging you to contact him with any questions if you get stuck. 

John Gibson

Queensland Family & Child Commission

Xavier's workshop has refreshed me the tools to complete some video editing for my workplace. Although I have experience in editing, the workshop has given me some tricks in making the process quicker hence making my time more productive. Thanks heaps Xavier!

Belle Sinclair

Participant | Group Editing Class

I already knew how to edit, but needed to get to grips with this particular software. This course helped me tremendously and helped me master the tools I needed to get going. Thanks Mr X!

Dr Elodie Le Gal

Researcher | Group Editing Class Participant

Xavier's workshop for beginners is very well designed and delivered. I now need to practice to strengthen my new skills. Xavier has a nice positive energy and is a patient and very knowledgeable instructor.

Rochelle Keegel

Participant | Group Editing Class

I took the short course in hope of learning an efficient workflow on Premiere and becoming more comfortable with video editing. After completing the course I feel more equipped and confident that with practice I will see good results in future projects. Xavier is a captivating teacher with excellent communication skills that made the course easy to follow.