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5 Ways to Make Better Videos!

I love this tutorial! There's a reason why Peter McKinnon landed over 1 million subscribers in just 9 months. He's an awesome teacher who, similar to myself, is passionate that everyone now has the ability to make amazing videos with the equipment they already have.

In this video, Peter talks about 5 simple tips to instantly improve the quality of your videos. He's not talking about buying fancy equipment or renting out a studio, but easy tips and tricks that you can quickly implement next time you're shooting.

I'm particularly a fan of tip number 4 - motion! As I say in my workshops; "A video is a moving image... so move!" Adding motion to your shots instantly creates that cinematic flow and gives you loads to play with back in the editing room.

Our Brisbane video editing classes teach you how to edit beautiful video content using Adobe Premiere Pro. InFocus Video Workshops also offer one-on-one video editing training on an editing program of your choice. Full-day workplace filming and video editing training also available for small business and organisations in Brisbane who are looking to create their own high-quality video content. Find out more:


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