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Doing Something With All That Footage!

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Yesterday I opened my bedroom draw and noticed a growing stack of hard drives filled with videos and photos. I had a strong realisation...

When am I ever going to actually look through those videos again?

And it's true; as you collect more and more hard drives filled with disorganised videos from previous trips, adventures and life moments; when are you actually going to watch these again?

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So. Many. Hard Drives.

A big motivation for me to edit together my travel videos is that if I don't, I'm never going to watch the hundreds of raw video clips again. Nor is anyone interested for me to show them each video, one-by-one (we've all been through that torture before).

Thankfully, free editing software allows us to create something special from the memories that we can now so easily capture on video. It's an invaluable skill to be able to put together video clips into a sequence and a story that you can forever look back on.

Your memories will no longer be stored away in your forever growing data pile...

Our Brisbane video courses include half-day and editing courses to learn the video skills to create your own beautiful videos from the memories you've captured.

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