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Filming & Editing Workshop (Full-Day)

About the course

We come to you to deliver our 1-day videography course, 1-on-1 or as a small group from your Melbourne organisation. The entire day is personalised to you and your team. You tell us the types of videos you want to make and we'll show you how. The hands-on camera skills session will teach simple tips and tricks to record fantastic shots with your DSLR or smartphone. You'll learn lighting, sound, DSLR settings, framing and movement. We will go in depth about affordable equipment to take your video production to the next level. In the video editing session you'll learn the most efficient workflow to quickly edit videos with CapCut or Adobe Premiere Pro. Learn how to cut your footage together with sound, music, colour, titles and effects. Finally, you will export your video ready to be shared online. As part of the videography course we will also focus on current video trends and your online content strategy. WHAT YOU'LL LEARN ​ • The exact gear you should buy depending on your budget and goals. • How to use your camera, lights, microphones & gimbals. • Learn the manual settings of your DSLR for the best quality footage. • Achieve clean shots with the correct exposure, focus, depth of field and audio levels. • Learn the formula for setting up an interview. • How to film “b-roll” footage to complement your interview. • Learn how to use affordable LED panels to make your talent shine. • How to record clean audio with lapel microphones and wireless microphones systems. • Step-by-step walkthrough of the entire editing process using Adobe Premiere Pro. • Make your videos look professional with text, graphics and colouring. WHO THIS COURSE IS FOR ✓ Organisations and businesses who want to start creating their own videos. ✓ You want to sit down with someone to show you exactly how it's done. ✓ You want to learn in the quickest and most effective way possible. ✓ You want a short course that's relevant to your videos, not a generic group class. ✓ You want to start using video but not spend thousands on videographers. PRICE One-on-One: $1290 Group (2–3 people): $890pp Group (4–8 people): $650pp

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