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Online Coaching: Filming & Editing

About the course

Sit the 1-1 filming & editing course across 3 x 2 hour sessions on Zoom. You can take all 3 sessions in one day or split them across multiple weeks (recommended). Because the course is 1-1, you'll be guided at exactly the right level for your needs. The training is completely tailored to your goals. We'll ask for examples of the videos you want to make, then we'll teach you a step-by-step formula how to make them. Breaking the course into 3 sessions allows time to implement your knowledge between each workshop. This also allows you to tailor each lesson to your needs at that time and solve problems that you've encountered during your filming and editing. This is the best way to solidify your knowledge and increase your chances of success. The remote-control feature of Zoom makes learning online easier than ever before. In addition, Filmora is now our recommendation for video editing. It's easy to use, powerful and more affordable than Adobe Premiere Pro 🙌 TRAINING STRUCTURE The training is 100% customised to your requirements with the general structure: BEFORE YOUR WORKSHOP Together with Xavier you will discuss: – Your goals with making videos. – Example of the videos you want to create. – Example of past videos you've made (if applicable). – Specific topics you'd like to focus on. We'll also discuss your equipment and our recommendations specific to your budget & goals. To get the most out of the course, we suggest purchasing any equipment before the course begins. Amazon has fantastic options and 1 day delivery. 1. FILMING SESSION (2 hours) – Planning your videos. – Equipment: ‣ DSLR manual settings. ‣ How to use lapel microphones. ‣ How to use an LED light. – How to record an interview. – How to capture B-roll. You will then practice filming ready to edit for the first Editing Session. 2. EDITING SESSION ONE (2 hours) – Problem solving and debrief from filming. – Setting up your project in Filmora. – Importing your footage. – Trimming and cutting your shots together. – Choosing music. We suggest more filming AND editing practice before Editing Session 2. 3. EDITING SESSION TWO (2 hours) – Debrief on filming and editing practice. – Recapping Editing Session 1. – Adding titles and graphics. – Working with audio. – Colour correction and colour grading. This online coaching structure has proved highly successful and a flexible alternative to in-person training. COST: 1 person: $890pp 2 people: $620pp 3 people: $550pp

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