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Learn how to film & edit
your own videos in Canberra.

Our 1-day video production course in Canberra is the easiest way to start making videos. 100% customised to your organisation and delivered at your workplace or online.


video editing training sydney

"Xavier took the time to understand our needs & equipment and came to our office ready with a well-planned day of practical training. He cut through the unnecessary bells & whistles and I couldn't believe how good the results were. Practical skills and a simple system for making video content."

Alex McClintock
Woollahra Council


video filming course sydney

"I came to the video course with no real experience and by the end of the day my colleagues and I had filmed and edited a great short video. It was incredibly practical and highly tailored to our workplace's needs."

Rebecca Watson
Health & Wellbeing QLD


videography course sydney

"Xavier ran an excellent filming & editing workshop for us in Sydney. He came well prepared and was able to effectively tailor what we were learning to our industry and audience. It was a hands-on workshop focused on implementation as much as theory."

Matthew Edwards
Sydney University

1-Day Videography Course
(Filming & Editing)

We come to your government or private workplace to deliver our 1-day video production course in Canberra, 1-on-1 or to your small group. The entire day is personalised to you and your team. 

You tell us the types of videos you want to make and we'll show you how.

The hands-on camera skills session will teach you simple techniques to record high-quality footage with your DSLR or smartphone.


You'll learn lighting, sound, DSLR camera training, framing and movement. We'll explain and use affordable equipment to make your videos look professional.

In the video editing session, you'll learn the most efficient workflow to quickly edit videos with CapCut or Adobe Premiere Pro. Learn how to cut your footage together with sound, music, colour, titles and effects. Finally, you will export your video ready to be shared online.

You'll leave the day with a personalised follow-up cheatsheet and links to all the equipment you need, plus our video editing tutorial and resources. View our detailed course structure below.

Not at a workplace? Outside of Canberra?

View our 1-1 online training.

videography course. video editing class

We've taught over 200+ organisations with 5 star

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video editing course sydney
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Videography course Sydney
1 day filmmaking workshop

What You'll Learn

Making videos is easier than ever before. We'll teach you a simple step-by-step formula for you to make your own.

Part 1: Equipment

  • The exact gear you should buy depending on your budget and goals.

  • Learn how to use your camera, lights, microphones & gimbals.

  • Bring your own equipment or use ours on the day.

  • Understand what you need and don't need.

  • The best affordable equipment on the market.

short videography course sydney

Part 2: Camera Settings

  • DSLR camera training: learn the manual settings of your camera for the best quality footage.

  • Achieve clean shots with the correct exposure, focus, depth of field and audio levels.

  • Understand ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed and White Balance.

  • Frame rates: learn how to shoot beautiful slow motion footage.

short filmmaking course_edited.jpg

Part 3: Filming

  • Practice filming a video on the day.

  • Learn the formula for setting up an interview.

  • The best techniques for getting the most out of your talent for your interviews.

  • How to film “b-roll” footage to complement your interview.

  • How to increase the quality of your videos by adding cinematic movements.

  • Make boring shots look awesome using depth and different shot sizes.

video production course sydney

Part 4: Lighting

  • Learn how to use affordable LED panels to make your talent shine.

  • How to make use of natural light.

  • How to film in difficult lighting.

  • Colour temperature.

learn video production

Part 5: Sound

  • How to record clean audio.

  • How to use lapel microphones and wireless microphones systems.

  • How to monitor your audio levels.

  • Finding & selecting music for your videos.

short filmmaking course

Part 6: Editing

  • Step-by-step walkthrough of the entire editing process using Adobe Premiere Pro or CapCut.

  • Edit your interviews for effective storytelling.

  • Learn the best file management systems for staying organised.

  • Make your videos look professional with text, graphics and colouring.

  • Learn the most efficient workflow to save hours editing.

video editing course sydney

Who This Course Is For

  • Organisations and businesses who want to start creating their own videos.

  • You want to sit down with someone to show you exactly how it's done.

  • You want to learn in the quickest and most effective way possible.

  • You want a short course that's relevant to your videos, not a generic group class.

  • You want to use videos without spending thousands on videographers.


"This was the most outstanding professional development I have ever done. It was practical & we learnt an enormous amount in a short amount of time. I could not recommend this workshop highly enough."

Tanya Chilcott
QLD College of Teachers


"Xavier was patient and provided really useful, clear and specific tips to our technology and needs throughout the entire process. The content we covered was exactly what we needed to skill up."

Belinda Lord


"We started with a limited idea about videography and ended with the confidence in providing high-quality videos for corporate use within the one-day workshop. Xavier was straight to the point."

Fluke Khaoroprat
Bayset Australia

Pricing – 1 Day Videography Course in Canberra

One-on-One: $1290


Group (2–3 people): $890pp

Group (4–10 people): $650pp

  A tailor-made video course for your organisation, delivered 1-1 with an expert.

  Personalised list of video equipment for your budget and goals.

  Ongoing coaching with Xavier to ask questions and get advice.

✓  Your personalised follow-up document with everything covered in your workshop.

  Access to our online video editing tutorial with our Premiere Pro workflow.

  The opportunity to send us your videos for feedback.

Sydney Zoom Training

Not at a workplace? Learn 1-1 via Zoom.

Our 1-1 online training is suitable for individuals outside of a workplace. The filming and editing training is 100% tailored to your needs and split into 3 x 2 hour sessions.


The 3-part structure allows you to practice between each session and focus on your ongoing requirements. This learning technique has proved highly successful with past students, and a flexible alternative to workplace training. ​

One-on-One:  $1290  $890

videography course. video editing class
videography course. video editing class

Video Editing Course (3 hrs)

Pick the brain of an expert and gain an in-depth understanding of the editing process. This 3-hour individual video editing course in Canberra is personalised to the requirements of you or your group. Learn online (via Zoom) or in-person at your Canberra workplace.


Our video editing course is one-on-one and tailored to the exact videos you need for your organisation.

The course is perfect if you've already started filming and require the skills to cut together your footage with music, titles and effects. You'll leave confident with your video editing skills to produce videos long into the future.

$450 per person


2 people: $360pp


3 people: $310pp

Video Editing Course

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the videography workshops run?

We come to your workplace for a full-day videography course in Canberra. The video course is split half & half with filming and editing. In the morning we discuss equipment, camera skills and video strategy before we run a practice filming session. In the afternoon we edit together your footage using Adobe Premiere Pro or CapCut. 

Do I need prior experience?

Our videography courses in Canberra are entirely personalised to you. Whether you’re a complete beginner or have already started filming and editing, you’ll be guided through a step-by-step process suitable to your skill level. You don't need to worry if you haven't used a camera or edited before.

What else is included in your video making course?


We cover a lot of content on the day and want to ensure you're set-up to continue your video making journey. You'll be provided with access to our YouTube video editing tutorial with the exact workflow that we teach you in Adobe Premiere Pro. You'll also be provided with a personalised cheatsheet document that includes everything that we covered in the video workshop. The document includes hand-picked tutorials to take your videos to the next level.

Can I use my own equipment?

Yes, you can bring your own smartphone or camera and we will teach you how to use it. We'll ask you to provide a complete list of your camera gear when booking your video course.

What if I don't have equipment?

If you don't currently own any equipment, no problem! We'll provide our own equipment for you to use on the day. This will help you decide what to purchase in the future. If you wish to invest in equipment before the workshop then get in touch for some recommendations. A tripod and microphone are two essential pieces of equipment to start with.

How do I book? 


Our video courses in Canberra are run on a bookings basis. Simply book online to reserve a date of your choice. We'll ask you to provide some examples of the types of videos you'd like to create. The more context you provide the better we can personalise the day to you!

What requirements do I need at our workplace?

At your Canberra workplace we require a meeting room with a screen and HDMI connection to share our laptop. We also require WiFi and a suitable area to break off and practice filming interviews and b-roll footage.

How does the practice video work?

For the practice video we ask you to provide an idea for a short and simple video that is relevant to your team. We usually practice filming an interview and capturing 'b-roll' footage to supplement the interview.

What else do I require for the workshop?

For the video editing we will learn on Adobe Premiere Pro or CapCut. You can download the 7-day free trial prior to the workshop. Please check Adobe's recommended system requirements to ensure your laptop is suitable for editing. For filming you can either bring your smartphone or any camera that you already own. For larger groups it's best that everyone has their own device to capture footage.

What is the maximum group size?

8 people – this ensures all participants are getting the maximum value from our workshops. Please get in touch to discuss larger group pricing.

Do I need my own footage?

In the full-day video making workshop we will capture your own footage in the practice filming session. For the 1-1 video editing class (3 hrs) you can either bring your own footage or we'll use some stock footage provided by Adobe.

How do I pay?

Upon confirming a date you'll receive an invoice for payment 7 days after the workshop which you can pay via Direct Deposit or Credit Card (+1.75%).

FAQs Sydney

About Xavier

video making course

Xavier is a passionate film & TV teacher and videographer. 


He has condensed his teaching background and filmmaking experience into a practical video course designed to capitalise on the rise of video.

Since 2019, Xavier has taught hundreds of organisations how to make their own videos. He has perfected the process of teaching video skills in a simple manner for others to start benefiting straight away.

videography course. video editing class

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