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Best Budget Video Equipment in 2022

Let's make equipment simple! You don’t need fancy equipment to make great looking videos. And new technology is making it easier and easier 🙌

Below I present to you the best budget video gear for beginners in 2022. This is the exact equipment I recommend to my students for our videography course in Sydney and Brisbane.

Make sure you get your equipment down to one bag. Too often I go to workplaces and their equipment is all over the place. This makes it an overwhelming ordeal each time you decide to make a video.

Also, rather than a gimbal, consider getting a newer camera with video-focused features like the Sony ZV-E10. This will triple your chances of making professional looking videos easily and consistently.

Here's the links to the equipment in the above video:

Tripod: Lapel Microphone (DSLR): Lapel Microphone (Smartphone): RODE Wireless GO: LED Video Light: Video Light Stand: Video Light Batteries: Sony ZV-E10: Tamron 28-75mm F/2.8 lens:

Finally, check out our video making course in Sydney and our video making course in Brisbane – delivered in-person to your workplace and 100% tailored to your goals.


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