Learn how to film & edit videos in our 1-day video courses.

Videography course

Personalised video training for organisations & individuals.

1-day practical workshops. Tailored to your business, delivered at your workplace. Learn how to use your video equipment.


Welcome Sydney!

Our Sydney video courses will be available from May 24, 2021.

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We offer 3 types of video courses in Brisbane and Sydney. Full-day workplace training, 3 hour editing training and group video editing classes.


Our practical videography courses are personalised to your requirements. Learn to confidently produce your own video content using the equipment you already have.


Video isn't going anywhere. It's imperative for organisations to make use of this powerful form of communication.

The good news – it's easier & cheaper than ever before to make your own videos. You no longer need a videographer to take advantage of the benefits. In just 1-day our personalised training will leave you confident to create high quality videos ready to share online.

Learn how to:

  • Film high quality footage on your DSLR or smartphone.

  • Use Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing.

  • Record clean audio using microphones.

  • Add music, text and graphics to your videos.

  • Understand equipment options.

  • Create your own content rather than hiring a videographer.

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Pearce is an award-winning filmmaker and designer who specialises in video training and creating comedy videos.

During his ten years in the industry he has worked as a writer, producer, director, videographer, editor and animator. His experience lets him tailor his training to your areas of interest.


Xavier is a passionate film & TV teacher and videographer. 


He has condensed his teaching background and filmmaking experience into a practical video course designed to capitalise on the rise of video.

videography course. video editing class


Get in touch to book or discuss your requirements. Our video courses are personalised to you.

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Find out 3 pieces of equipment (for under $100) to quickly make your videos look more professional.