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DSLR Camera Settings Made Easy!

It's time to get that DSLR out of the cupboard! Xavier's video below explains how to film on your DSLR or mirrorless camera in 5 mins. Shutter Speed. Aperture. ISO. It doesn't have to be complicated! Follow the golden rules and you'll have beautiful footage on any DSLR camera. It's like a formula. Xavier also covers HD vs 4K, and how to film slow motion footage with the correct frames per second (fps).

DSLR camera training is part of our 1 day videography course in Sydney or Brisbane. We'll set-up your camera and follow these golden rules to achieve high-quality shots every time. You'll learn how to use your equipment, how to film with microphones and lights, and how to edit everything together with our Adobe Premiere Pro training. Each course is delivered in-person to your workplace and 100% tailored to your goals.


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