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Learn Video in 2023!

Welcome to 2023... the year of video!

But you no longer need to sit on the sidelines.

We're offering the chance to learn exactly how to make the videos you want (or NEED) to make, in just 1 day. Stop paying thousands for videographers, especially when you need to be making videos all the time.

In our 1 day of filming & editing training you'll learn how to use your camera, how to use lights and microphones, how to record an interview, how to film B-roll, what equipment to buy, and of course, how to edit your video together on either Filmora (a fantastic editing program), or Adobe Premiere Pro.

Our videography course in Sydney and Brisbane is taught 1-1 to your business and completely tailored to you.

We've taught over 200+ organisations how to make their own videos. See what they say about their experience here:

We're looking forward to you making your own videos in 2023!

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