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The Ultimate Equipment List 2024

Times have changed! You no longer need excessive amounts of equipment to make amazing videos.

At the end of the day, my job is to get you making videos consistently. If the process is too difficult, you just won't do it. Therefore, I'm all about having the easiest possible equipment that works well and doesn't break the bank!

You just need 4 things: 1. Tripod

2. Microphone

3. LED Light

4. Camera (iPhone or DSLR)

Amazon is the best place for video equipment. Traditional camera stores will charge too much, or sell you equipment you don't need.

The below equipment is tried & tested by dozens of our students in our 1 day filming & editing course with glowing reviews!

1. Tripod

The below tripod is amazing value. It can be used with a DSLR or a smartphone with the mount included. It's full length, but the maximum height is 159cm. If you have lots of standing interviews with tall people, consider the alternative option below.

Video making course Sydney Canberra Brisbane

Cost – $59

If you're looking for something slightly more solid, the below is a fantastic option with a maximum height of 200cm. This would be more suited for an expensive camera.

Video course Sydney Canberra Brisbane

Cost – $182

2. Microphone

The latest wireless microphones make it incredibly easy. The below Hollyland microphones have been a massive hit at our 1 day videography workshops. They work with both DSLRs and smartphones. We love them because:

  • All-in-one charging case.

  • Fantastic sound quality.

  • Fool proof to use.

  • Affordable.

  • Includes adapters for both smartphones & DSLRs.

  • Includes two microphones for two speakers.

  • The microphones are small and easy to hide.

Videography course Sydney Canberra Brisbane

Cost – $209

To use with iPhone 14 or below, you will also need the Lightning to 3.5mm Adapter ($14).

Or for a Samsung or iPhone 15, you will need the USB-C to 3.5mm Adapter ($14).

3. LED Light

Wireless lights have changed everything. The below LED lights are incredible. They come in a pack of two, are incredibly lightweight, and have built-in batteries and stands included.

Video making course Sydney Canberra Brisbane

Cost – $219

4. Camera

What camera do I need? The big question!

I've run countless workshops with older DSLR cameras, only to realise that iPhone footage looks better anyway.

The iPhone 13 or above has cinematic mode which replicates the "blurred background" that you get with a DSLR camera. Cinematic mode is only getting better and better, and it's a fantastic way to shoot easy interviews and B-roll footage.

So if your DSLR is over 5 years old, I would recommend any of the latest smartphones instead.

Check out this video which talks about filming with cinematic mode.

Filmmaking course Sydney Canberra Brisbane

However, if you need a professional camera or want to upgrade your DSLR, then I recommend the Sony ZV-E10. It's fantastic value, can shoot in 4K, and is super easy to use.

Video course Canberra Brisbane Sydney

Cost – $989

You will also need a lens. I recommend the Tamron 28-75mm F/2.8 which is suitable for filming most scenarios and will give you the beautiful blurred background. You will only ever need the one lens!

Sydney Video Filming course

Cost – $1,248

However, for wider shots, e.g. real estate, vlogging, or filming in small spaces then I'd recommend the Tamron 17-28mm F/2.8 instead. It will let you zoom out wider (but know that you won't be able to zoom in as much!).

Learn videography Brisbane

Cost – $1,103

Link: Tamron 17-28 mm F/2.8for wider shots

Other Equipment

I recommend the below camera bag to keep all of your equipment in one spot. Make sure you get your equipment down to one bag. You shouldn't need much else.

Video Making Course Melbourne Sydney Canberra

Cost – $58

Finally, if you've bought a professional camera then you will need the below memory card.

Workplace filming training Canberra

Cost – $35

That's it!

For more equipment recommendations, please reach out to me directly for personalised suggestions based on your goals: 

Our 1 day videography course is taught 1-1 at your workplace and will teach you how to use your camera, lights, microphones & gimbals. It's a practical workshop entirely personalised to your equipment and goals.

Find out more below!


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